film and television credits:

  • DueA Films’ “Bix: An Interpretation of a Legend” (1991, screen appearance)
  • Minimum Wage,” a 1999 film produced by 2-Car Garage Productions, directed by Brian Scott O’Malley. The Kabalas’ song “The Crossing Guard’s Coffee Break” was licensed for use in this film.
  • MTV’s “Undressed” excerpted my soprano sax solo from Einstein Sister’s song “My Secret Life” for use during closing credits on at least one episode.
  • Elliot Ness: An Untouchable Life,” produced by Max Collins. Performed on the title track and incidental music. Also performed on The Metrolites’ “Old Fascist Gal” which appears on the soundtrack as a bonus track. Released on DVD in a collection entitled “Shades of Noir”.
  • The Standard Snowboard Show,” produced for the Fuel TV network. The Kabalas’ song “The Crossing Guard’s Coffee Break” was licensed for use in episode 23 (winter 2006).
  • P.K. Subban’s All-Star Special,” produced by NBC Sports, used an excerpt of my original composition “Chaplinesque” in its debut episode, January 2019.
  • Vonn on Vonn,” produced by NBC Sports, used “Chaplinesque” prominently behind an interview with skier Lindsey Vonn, February 2019.
  • “At Home with Amy Sedaris,” produced by TruTV, used “Slip Me Some Oxygen” (retitled “Slippin’ for You”) in episode 203, “All About Amy,” March 2019.
  • “Contact: Alien Mysteries,” produced by The Science Channel, used “Deep End of the Pool” (retitled “Mystery Drive”) in episodes titled “Alien Crater of Doom” (September 5, 2019) and “War on the Amazon” (September 19, 2019).
  • “Drunk History,” produced by Comedy Central, reported “Chaplinesque” (retitled “Quirky Love”) as being used for a rebroadcast of episode 4, series 2.

selected touring history:

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