Jazzbacks & Soulbacks

Bassist and saxophonist Larry Van Kriedt, son of renowned jazz musician Dave Van Kriedt, conceived of Jazzbacks and Soulbacks while taking a business course in 2002. The backtracks employ live musicians and professional production techniques.


These jazz backtracks feature live musicians – no MIDI tracks! The JazzPlayer app on the site is a four-track music playback app that allows for full control of the mix. Backtracks can be transposed to all twelve keys and come with chord charts. Tracks are arranged by difficulty level, style, and title.

iReal Pro

For iPhone and Android, iReal Pro is an easy-to-use tool to help musicians of all levels master their craft. It simulates a real-sounding band that can accompany you as you practice. The app also lets you create and collect chord charts of your favorite songs for reference.


A free backing track application that automatically generates backing tracks for any song.


Band-in-a-Box is a music accompaniment software package for Windows and macOS produced by PG Music Inc. The software allows the user to create songs by simple keyboard inputs: a musical style, a tempo and a key.

Hal Leonard Jazz Play Along Series

Originally sold with play-along compact discs, the series now offers online audio access and utilizes a “Playback +” feature, which allows the user to set loop points and to change keys and tempos.

Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks

Owned and produced by guitarist, songwriter, and producer Martin Funderburk, Smooth Jazz Backing Tracks was established in 2006 to fill the need for quality smooth jazz backtracks.

Learn Jazz Standards

A website where musicians can find jazz backtracks as well as advice and tips that will help improve your practice sessions. Learn Jazz Standards offers instruction through videos, podcasts, blogs, and courses.